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Welcome to Serenity Yoga

My name is Paula and I have been practicing yoga for 17 years. I teach Hatha/Vinyasa flow along with Yin and restorative yoga. I also teach yoga nidra and meditation.

I first experienced yoga after running around the lake with my dog and popping into the gym, where a yoga class was being held ( I laughed at them thinking how can you be working if your not sweating like me! ) I would fill up my water bottle and go. The same thing happened for a few weeks and eventually I was drawn to giving it a go. Well I haven’t looked back since! 

Yoga has changed my life. Not only has it helped me with my strength, stamina and flexibility but it has helped me become calmer and be able to deal with stuff that life throws at you, It has also helped me to connect with how the body is feeling and with having that connection with the body I can now cope better with any emotions that come up for me in life. 

In my classes I like to bring you back to the feeling of the body and breath. If the body’s saying back off in a pose then that’s what you do. Or if you can push yourself a little bit more and come out of your comfort zone, then I will encourage that. We also so have lots of fun in class and a few laughs when we fall out of poses!

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Yoga Classes in Milton Keynes

I teach my yoga classes at Big Rock Climbing Centre in Milton Keynes.

You can buy 8 class passes for £48.00. These have to be used within 10 weeks, giving you a two week grace period for holidays. Alternatively you can pay a pop in price of £8.00 if you cant commit to the 8 weeks.

Yoga will help you with increased strength, stability, core, balance, flexibility and on a psychological level it helps with stress, anger, depression and general well being it’s also fun!

Yoga Retreats

Come and join me for a weekend of relaxation, rejuvenation and total calmness through yoga, meditation and pranayama.

I love teaching my retreats. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction and becomes so rewarding especially when you see the group build a bond over the time of the retreat and to see them walk away feeling refreshed and glowing with calmness.

The retreats are for anyone, from never doing yoga to doing yoga for years! Every time you step on your mat you will always get a different experience.


I am a qualified Reiki teacher in all three levels, Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden. I am insured with Bluefin, and am a member of the Reiki Federation and Association.

Through learning Reiki, I have learnt to cope much better with the fast pace and stresses of every day life. I do believe that Reiki finds you as it did for me and you will find the right teacher to take you on your journey.

Since I have found Reiki my life has changed, I am calmer and more compassionate to myself and others. I can deal with situations better and look at life in a totally different way.

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