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My passion in life is to live it to the full and enjoy every moment, I am married with two grown up children (well they think they are!).

I have been practicing yoga for 17 years now and it has changed my life! I think and feel different, i’m calmer, more relaxed and can deal with life in a clearer  way, just handling stressful situations with a calmer mind. Don’t get me wrong I still get angry and stressed but now I either take myself back to my breath ( the most important thing we will do is breath!) or remove myself from the situation ( when possible) and have a think, while doing some yoga and breath flows, then come back to it with different eyes. 

The style of yoga I teach is between a Hatha flow and Vinyasa flow with lots of focus on the breath and connecting back with how the physical body is feeling. I also teach restorative yoga, really feeling relaxed and calm with a connection back into the parasympathetic system ( rest and digest system) I like to add into my class some yin and meditation. 

I have been lucky enough to have some of my training with Jason crandell,  Anodea Judith, Sally Kempton, Norman Blair and James Reeves. I did my yoga teacher training with Whitespace Studios in Milton Keynes with Deborah Berryman and Dawn Wright.

I have a grandson of 9 years old and 2 grown up children, I’ve been married for 26 years but been together for 32 years!, I try and encourage them all to do yoga, I feel the younger the better! I love rock climbing and try to go to the peaks to climb, this has become addictive as it clears and refreshes me ready to take on life’s challenges. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a great climber but I love the feeling it gives me when I get to the top of a climb. I also love the camping part of a weekend in the peaks, the freedom and connection to the outdoors!

From 2000-2014 I organized a charity event for the Willen hospice and have raised over £10,000, with lots of help from some beautiful people in my life. I believe everything I do should come from my heart, so if I feel it there I know it’s right.

Since starting to practice yoga I feel healthier and more aware about what my body wants, I do feel we forget to listen to our bodies and its only when we have an injury or get sick that we listen!

So come practice yoga with me, it doesn’t matter what you can or cant do and even if you feel your not flexible enough this is more reason to come and give it a go! I am open to feedback, as this is the only way I will move forward in life.


Classes for all abilities


Relax and rejuvenate with Paula


Qualified Reiki teacher in all three levels

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