Flow and let go workshop June 29th 10am to 12pm

Cost is £10.00

£15.00 for two people in the same house

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Come and join me for a virtual flow and let go 2 hour workshop on the 2oth June 10am to 12.pm

We will work with a slow pranayama meditation helping you to settle into the body letting go through the breath. You will be lead through a yoga flow sequence to help stretch, strengthen and balance the physical body, which in return helps to settle the chatter of the mind. It will then be time to settle down for some yin and restorative yoga.

You will be left feeling relaxed and calm not just in the body but the breath will be be slower and calmer and the chatter of the mind quieter! 



Venue-Your home
Cost- £10


Your home!

You will need to download the free zoom 5.0 app, ( If you have zoom make sure you have the up to date zoom 5.0 ) have lots of pillows, blankets, cushions ready to make you comfortable for restorative, maybe some relaxing music on in the back ground, if you haven’t got a mat then a large towel. I will need your mobile number to add you into the whats app group to send you the code to join the video meeting. 


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