“Paula is a happy, caring and inspirational person.  She is a great yoga teacher, and tries to ensure everyone reaches their potential. She understands that everyone is different, and what we can all achieve varies. The classes are wonderful.  Each week they are different, concentrating on certain areas of the body.  I look forward to the yoga class every week, and find they make me feel so much better, both mentally and physically.  I don’t think I could cope without yoga now!!”

Laura E

“I haven’t been to a Yoga class for years and was a bit worried about getting back into it, just in case I could not keep up etc…. I need not have worried from my very first class Paula made me feel very welcome and at total ease, she is a fantastic instructor, allowing us to go as far as we feel comfortable with each pose.

I love my Yoga classes and look forward to them every week, Paula is friendly and makes the classes fun and not sterile, she has a great sense of humor and we all have a good laugh, so much so that you forget that you are actually exercising!!!

Since attending Paula’s classes I have felt really good both physically and emotionally.”

Lisa M

“Thank you for my reiki sessions, i cant begin to tell you how much my life has changed, for the better, i must say but i do feel a lot calmer these days more relaxed and calmer, just wish i knew about this sooner, but once again thank you for everything, cant wait for my next session x”


“Have had a few sessions of Reiki with Paula now and it has been fantastic. The room is very inviting and calm which enables you to relax to the max! Paula is very intuitive and has the ability to pick up on issues you may have.  The Reiki has helped me deal with emotional issues and my digestive system has been much improved since I started having my treatments. After each session I leave feeling relaxed but rejuvenated.  Reiki has helped me a lot over the last few months to cope with an extremely stressful time.”

Sarah B

“I thought you was very welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about your subject. I found the teaching to be well paced, easy to follow and I felt able to ask questions and understand everything being covered. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and I can only add If I am able to teach to your standard I would be more than happy.”

Susan E

“I love the classes you are professional friendly natural and informative. You make the classes fun and spiritual as well as ensuring the correct posture is achieved and there is always time for relaxation meditation and a quote each week for us to think about. The classes are flexible which is excellent for modern busy lives. Paula is also very approachable and the classes are varied to assist people doing different levels. Enjoy the classes and see what is achievable mentally and physically!”

Marie H

“I had a gorgeous introduction to Reiki Shoden this weekend. The venue was absolutely perfect; warm, relaxing, friendly and ‘full’ of positive energy. You created the perfect setting for exploring the possibilities offered by practicing Reiki. I was especially impressed by your calm and inviting approach to meditation; you are as humble as the trees and stars. Everyone felt  absolute relaxation. The techniques you shared, i’m sure will be very beneficial when I begin to practice myself-which will be later this afternoon! The final treatment thoroughly helped us to assimilate the material from the whole weekend and I know myself that I felt wunderful and radiant afterwards. A great course that was just the right amount of time and a gorgeous way to spend my weekend. Energised, rejuvenated and intuitively confident.”


“Thankyou so much for treating me the other day. As you could tell I was not in a good place. I wanted to let you know that I feel a big improvement on where I was when I saw you. Although I have a way to go, I am able to function a little easier and know that the treatment you gave helped lift me. I am not sure what happened, but I can think things through more clearly and feel more positive in myself. I will be coming to see you again soon. Many, many thanks for your kindness and calming manner in my hour of need.”

Sarah F

“Paula is such a passionate lady about her work and it really shows in her teaching. She made learning really fun and I can’t wait to get started with Reiki and do further courses. I will definitely recommend Paula to anyone!”

Sian H

“Yoga with Paula is helping my flexibility, balance and strength as I hoped when I started. This seems almost secondary now though. The classes have made me calmer and more composed, and I feel like I’m learning to breathe for the first time. It seems more about making space and being aware of your body than achieving a ‘fitness’ goal. Also its fun too!”


“I have had a few Reiki treatments from different people and I found that Paula was the most relaxing. I felt at ease with her and went into a deep almost meditative state. My mood felt lifted afterwards and I look forward to becoming a regular customer.”


“Thank you for my first session of reiki  I must admit I was very open minded about this but boy oh boy am I glad I went. Can’t believe how light I felt  how much better I felt.  I’m not one for relaxing but you said I was well relaxed Cant wait for my next session so once again thank you very much”


“I decided to experience my first ever Reikki session with Paula, and I really didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas of what to expect.  From the start Paula created a very relaxing atmosphere, explaining what she would be doing and that she would not be talking to me but I was to ask her if I was unsure of anything.  I took a while to relax as I wondered whether I would ‘feel’ anything but in fact I was not even aware of where Paula was in the room and peace and calm overtook me. At the end of the session I was encouraged to come round in my own time and felt very rested.  I thought the session had provided me with time just to ‘chill’ and not be distracted by anything else going on in my life but about 4 weeks later I realised I was no longer suffering from the headaches that I used to have which used to occur roughly 4 times a week. And so far they have not returned.”


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