Yoga classes

Yoga classes are held at Big Rock Climbing Centre in Milton Keynes and are for all levels and abilities.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 17 years and have loved every bit of my journey. Yoga and Reiki found me at the same time and boy its been a roller coaster ride.

What I have found on my yoga journey is that it hasn’t taken away any problems that have occurred in life but has given me the tools to deal with life situations better.

If you would like to join my classes please contact me to find out availability as I run class passes or you can pay for pop in classes. Yoga will help you with increased strength, stability, core, balance, flexibility and on a psychological level it helps with stress, anger, depression and general well being it’s also fun!

My classes are for mixed levels, we will take a slow flow through a sequence of asana/poses with lots of options to take it to your level, always listening and connecting with your body and not letting the chatter of the mind take control, letting the ego go helping the flow of the body take control. 

I am very passionate about pranayama (breath work)) so I will always add in some breath work and I like to Om, there are so many benefits from chanting Om.  Have a read of the benefits at the bottom of this page.

Class times and class passes

Option one- buy 8 class passes for £48.00 but would have to use them within 10 weeks, giving you a two week grace period for holidays.

Option two- buy 4 class passes to be used within 5 weeks for £28.00

Option three- you can pay a pop in price of £9.00 if you can’t commit to regular classes.

I have mats, blankets, blocks, bricks, bolsters so just bring yourself and some water, wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in and dont forget an open mind to giving it a go!

Class timetable

  • Monday & Wednesday 7pm to 8pm – Mixed Levels
  • Thursday Mornings 11am to 12pm – Nurturing/Restorative Flow
  • Coming soon Saturday Mornings 10am to 11am – Yoga for stress, anxiety, depression
  • Private one to ones

Please note that there is a 24hr cancellation policy for all private 121 bookings, I’m afraid that you will be charged the full appointment fee if cancelled within this time.

Om Chanting Benefits

  • Chanting of the Om Mantra purifies the environment around you and creates positive vibrations.
  • Your concentration increases when you chant this universal hymn.
  • Om chanting gives you better immunity and self-healing power.
  • It improves your concentration and helps you focus.
  • The Om chanting produces a vibration and sound which is felt through your vocal cords and sinuses. The vibrations open up the sinuses to clear the airways.
  • It can place you in a meditational state which gives you deep relaxation.
  • The Om not only benefits the person who is chanting it but also to the people around them, wherever its vibrations flow.
  • The Om Mantra has cardiovascular benefits – by relaxing our mind and body, our blood pressure will decrease and our heart will beat with regular rhythm.
  • Om chanting actually improves your voice by giving strength to your vocal cords and the muscles around it. This is very helpful during old age.
  • It is said that rubbing your hands together while om chanting and putting those charged hands on different parts of body heals or activates those body parts.
  • Through chanting and meditation, you can have better control over your emotions, thus allowing you to see situations with a clear and rational mind.
  • Regular chanting of this Mantra will take you on a spiritual journey to greater happiness and positivity, but only if it is done daily for a longer period of time. Mantras are not an overnight fix to your problems – you must have patience and learn the correct techniques.
  • When the OM Mantra is chanted in a group, the effects are amplified and this will produce immense positive vibrations which charge up the entire vicinity.
  • It has been our experience that Om can even help cleanse your skin. The massive levels of internal positive energy and a cleansed aura that come from chanting the Om Mantra regularly will be reflected externally with a sunny glow on your face and body.
  • Your spinal cord is strengthened through the vibrations caused by sound of Aaaa. As this sound is generated from abdomen, it helps to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spinal cord.
  • The sound uuu is created by vocal cords which benefit the thyroid glands and the throat.
  • If you’re looking at the spiritual eye while chanting, your eyesight will start improving.


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Qualified Reiki teacher in all three levels


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